Commercial Gates

Reliable. Durable. Secure.

What we create every gate system to be

Fortified Services’ professional technicians are Certified Automated Gate Operator Installers by the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation (IDEA).


We ensure that every gate system is compliant with UL325 and ASTM F2200 standards, and validates the qualifications of professionals who work in the installation and maintenance of automated gate systems.


We provide and install systems that are tailored to meet the client’s needs and suited to the site’s location.


In addition to providing a secure environment for your facility and its occupants, automatic gates can also be helpful with reducing insurance premiums from some carriers (because you are less likely to be the victim of theft), and reduce labor costs by eliminating the need for security guards.

We Help a Wide Variety of Industries

We provide a wide variety of automatic security gates, therefore we are able to serve many different types of industries with their security needs including:


Industrial Parks


Correctional Facilities


Government Facilities


Police and Fire Stations


Utility and Energy Facilities

Automatic Gate Options

We know what our clients want: the highest quality automatic gates on the market, that meet rigorous stadards for durability and performance. The systems we install are not only technologically advanced, they are selected and customized to meet the needs of each client.


Cantilever Gates

Cantilever gates are designed to allow the gate to slide open and closed in a linear motion.

Swing gates

This type of gate swings to open and close and usually requires less maintenance than sliding gates.

Vertical gates

Vertical gates raise upwards to allow access.

Barrier gates

Barrier gates provide security and control usually for parking lots and parking garages.

The Fortified Services Difference

A properly installed gate system is just as important as choosing the correct type and quality of the gate in the first place.

A proper installation involves correct wiring, welding, proper depth for concrete bases, conduits, weatherproofing, and proper design of infrastructure.

An improperly installed or poorly maintained gate can be a liability rather than an asset due to the potential for accidents resulting in vehicular damage or personal injury. Make sure the company installing and maintaining your gate systems is properly qualified.

A Decade of Experience

Fortified Services is an experienced automatic gate installer, with over 10 years in the industry. We have developed a reputation for quality work, technical support and customer service.

Deep Expertise

Many facilities overlook security gates and other barrier devices, not understanding the importance they pose to the security of the premises.

Fortified Service’s knowledge of security solutions means we can assess your location and needs and make recommendations that suit your facility.

Unbeatable Support

Our team works closely with you throughout your project, providing you with unbeatable support from an excellent team.

The Highest Quality

We only install the highest quality equipment to ensure your system will perform reliably for years, ensuring security and safety for your facility and your assets.


Fortified Services LLC exists to develop a secure environment using expert knowledge, state-of-the-art systems, and quality workmanship in order to make our clients feel confident and protected.

Department of Criminal Justice Services

License # 11-15493

Virginia Board for Contractors

License # 2705165820

West Virginia Board for Contractors

License #WV058647

Contact us today to learn more about any of our security systems and commercial gate options.

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